Nature Hikes

Nature Hikes at The Qanuk in Fernie, BC

Explore the Canadian Rockies
We can’t think of anywhere more beautiful than the mountains and forests that cradle our mountain resort in Fernie, BC. That’s why we built The Qanuk lodge, a spacious 3,600-square-foot home away from the hustle and bustle. We stand inside the Fernie Alpine Resort, and right outside your door will be a network of trails that amble from the lodge into landscapes that cannot be accurately interpreted by painters or photographers. Hiking in the Fernie outdoor recreation trail system are meant to be experienced in the now, and held forever as cherished memories. They are the meaning of life.

All-Season Excursions
Pick a season and just walk. The perfect hiking in Fernie doesn’t have to be relegated to only summer. The trails that traverse the mountains rising just outside your room in The Qanuk can take you across winter wonderlands, through spring fields of emerging wildflowers, and beneath canopies of trees blending their colors into autumn. The only worry you’ll have is whether you packed a good pair of hiking boots or a sturdy set of snow shoes or cleats for snow trekking. With nearly 350 trails, you can find more than a few to invigorate your sense of adventure. Many trails, like the 2.17 mile (3.5 km) moderate to difficult trek straight up Mount Hosmer (Ghostrider Mountain) have some of the most incredible views for hiking in Fernie. Nature hikes like a jaunt around the easy Lily Loop or the Double Creek trail can be done between breakfast and lunch. Other hikes can lead to a camping trip over several days, through gorgeous alpine country, with possible chances to see bears or moose from a safe distance. But keep in mind you don’t have to travel into the Rockies to get in a great nature hike. You’ll find gentle, flat trails all around The Qanuk, and very near Fernie—even right downtown along the Elk River.

Give Yourself an Extended Break

There’s no better way to get away from it all than to really get away from it all. Once you get here, you’ll be in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and immersed in scenery that will rejuvenate your soul and fill your thoughts with silent amazement at what nature offers our little piece of paradise. You’ll be far enough away from city life that you will be able to think only about the beauty surrounding you and how many times in your life you’ll be able to return. Call today and book your extended stay at The Qanuk. Bring your hiking shoes and let the trails lead you where they may.