Fall Activities

Fall Activities In Fernie

The Canadian Rockies are gorgeous in any season, but autumn at our lodge in Fernie is a magnificent study of nature’s perfection. From the vibrancy of the colors and the ripe textures to the chiaroscuro from a slanted sun and the slowing down of the outdoors as it awaits its turn to sleep beneath blankets of white.

gorgeous in any season

situated in the Canadian Rockies

Comfortable Temperatures

Fall is the best time for fly fishing in Fernie—standing in the middle of the Elk River surrounded by the reds, yellows, and oranges of the surrounding foliage. The Elk River is the easternmost waterway in British Columbia and is considered a supreme fishing spot because of its large bull and cutthroat populations. For a bit of seclusion, you can slip around to the west of the Lizard Range to the Bull River for a chance to share nature with elk, bear, and maybe even moose. The crystal clear water of the Wigwam River flows through the backcountry just south of  The Qanuk, with the ripples and eddies of a catch-and-release experience that will dazzle your senses.

The brisk mornings roll into comfortable afternoons with temperatures that make the mountains and the Elk Valley feel like everything is right with the world. You can enjoy an effortless round of 18 holes surrounded by what we will argue is the best scenery of any golf course in the world. You can hop a lift up the slopes for an inspiring hike through the colorful turning forests of the Rockies, or raise your heart rate biking the many trails that weave through pristine alpine beauty. From mountain biking to fly fishing in Fernie, there are plenty of ways to enjoy autumn at The Qanuk.

You will be stunned at how much better coffee tastes while sitting on the patio just outside your room at The Qanuk, and there is so much delight in the quiet that descends upon the Elk Valley when the summer crowds are gone. You will bask in the available arm room while you stroll leisurely along the sidewalks of Fernie or mountain bike through the various trails in the Canadian Rockies. Brunch and dinner will waft with more savor because you won’t have to wait long for your waiter.

The Qanuk lodge in Fernie is your get-away-from-it-all destination, with 3,600 square feet of the comfort and luxury you don’t often get at home. Revive your soul and ignite your spirit! Book your extended stay at our Fernie lodge today. You’ll love how it feels to wrap yourself in autumn at the foot of the Canadian Rockies.

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